Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Book That Doesn't Reach Expectations

Sometimes the premise is better than the execution. Whilst the plot may be entertaining, there is a little something left to be desired, something that is just a little off the mark of pushing a book from simply readable and good to greatness; of being one of those rare five star reads that warrant re-reads. 

I've read a few of these kinds of books but the most recent, THE LONELIEST by Stacey Cochran holds true to the above, perhaps more so than others - irrespective of this being the most recent read to fall into the grey category. 

THE LONELIEST is a-grade horror encapsulating all the elements expected from the genre yet falls short by way of some amateurish-like writing (easy for someone who can't write a novel to say I know) in the early stages only for the writing to improve and the characters personalities to shine through, however, this being too late in the piece to redeem some questionable dialogue turn of phrase. 

THE LONELIEST is a blend of Stephen King and Scott Nicholson, which, conceptually plays out perfectly - the writing style, particularly early on is what stops this book from progressing further from an average read. 

The complexity inbuilt into the story is highly enjoyable and maintains a question mark over the central characters state of mind whilst inducing bone chilling moments of unadulterated horror which really could've taken this novel places. 

Almost there - but it just missed the mark for me unfortunately. Equal parts praise and castigation.     

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