Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 New Years Bookish Resolutions

Welcome to 2016! Last year was an up and down year of reading for me. I read 119 books which was a lower tally than previous year but still had a lot of fun reading some very entertaining books over the year. 

This is the third year I'm posting my New Years Bookish Resolutions.

You can read last years post here: 2015 Bookish Resolutions.

Looking back I didn't quite achieve all I had set out to (again) but that's part of fun of it.

Below are my 2016 bookish resolutions:

  • Read my own damn books - I have a lengthy TBR pile which means less focus on review and library books and more on reading the books I spent time acquiring.
  • Read the books I want to read - I go through phases reading what I think I should be reading (for review mainly) rather than reading books I WANT to read. Time to change things up in 2016!
  • Continue re-reading my favorites - I love re-reading and returning to some of my previously read books was a constant theme in 2015. More of the same in 2016.
  • Read slower - I want to enjoy and savor my reads. This will lead to less books being read in 2016 but I think it will help rekindle my love of books. 
  • Goodreads Challenge - I was thinking of not having one in 2016 but I know I will so, inline with my earlier resolution, I'm setting the bar at 50. This is half of my 2015 challenge.
  • Read bigger books - I have some meaty reads in my TBR which I haven't delved into, in part because of my high Goodreads Challenge, with that changing I look forward to spending time with these bricks of books. 

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