Friday, January 1, 2016

Review: BATMAN ARKHAM NIGHT by Marv Wolfman

Batman Arkham Knight: The Official NovelizationDark, violent, and action packed; the novelization of the computer game is true to the medium following a game-made script with some added introspection and character background that breaks up the fight-centric narrative.

Batman endures both a physiological and physical battle to retain his sense of self and save his city from the Scarecrow and his minions following the villains rise to power in Gotham after the Jokers death. .

The action is full frontal and dose tend to read same-same boarding on drab at time - but this is a batman book so action scenes are pivotal  to the Bats' plight despite them being tedious at times. 

ARKHAM KNIGHT is pretty entertaining from start to finish and has an ending that leaves the Batman story open ended while completing a violent chapter in the Dark Night saga.

Fans of the computer game and general Batman fans will enjoy this novelization. 

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