Friday, October 28, 2016

Review: THE HIT by Nadia Dalbuono

Sex, lies, and criminal ties.

A sudden and dramatic car crash leaves a top television exec dazed and confused; more so when he realizes a good Samaritan is a sheep in wolfs clothing, and is part of an elaborate ruse to kidnap his family. As Leone Scamarcio investigates the nature of the kidnapping a connection to organised crime and a shady brother in-law emerge as key pieces to the puzzle. With the investigation slipping away, and suspects mounting, Scamarcio’s lone wolf investigative approach might not be enough to save the exec’s wife and child.

Scamarcio’s own connection to organised crime is an omnipresent cloud that hangs over his every move; a cloud that only gets darker as he become embroiled in a power play for the criminal elite. Does trading one problem for another, one side for another clear his debt or double it?

The Hit reads like a bare knuckles Mafioso story and police procedural in one, equally at home amongst Dennis Lehane (Joe Coughlin series) and Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch Series); top notch story telling from beginning to end, the best Scamarcio novel yet.

I was provided a copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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