Sunday, November 13, 2016

Review: OLD SCORES by David Whish-Wilson

No one writes West Australian crime fiction like David Whish-Wilson. Old Scores once again transports the reader back in time, this time to the 1980's at the beginning of the urban boom. 

Frank Swan, cop turned P.I turned WA Premier's fixer, returns for a third installment bringing with him all the baggage carried over from Line of Sight and Zero At The Bone. This time, however, he's out on his own, solving problems for the premier before the media catches of wind of their existence while acting as a quasi security guard. 

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The premier, having already committed to furthering the urban sprawl has his sights set on prime real-estate to develop. Swan is asked to look over the tenders by one of the premier's minders to undercover any shady dealings. What Swan finds, is more than he bargained for. 

With the ghosts of his past returning to haunt him, and the real and ever present threat of Chief of police Hogan, Swan navigates through a criminal underworld populated by bikies, drug lords, scam artists, ex-cons, police, and politicians to uncover a spate of illegal and unethical doings by the bidders which, if not carefully handed and eradicated could result in dire consequences for the premier - and Swan himself.

While Swan is the cog that keeps the plot turning, there are a number of threads involving equally interesting characters with unique and deep backstories; Des Foley, the Good Morning Bandit is colorful and not without an element of danger, while Blake Tracker is a young man harshly dealt with by the law who is on the run after a successful jailbreak. While not seemingly connected to one another in the early stages of the novel, Whish-Wilson brings these threads together to form a single cohesive narrative that is a joy to read. I couldn't help but get caught up in Des's mission on behalf of his mother as well as Blake's uncertain future on the run. Old Score envelopes the reader into not only a time and place, but puts them firmly in the mind off the characters. 

Old Scores is a must read for fans of Australian crime fiction and/or crime fiction in general.

Old Scores is published by Fremantle Press and is available for purchase now. Read more from their website:

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