Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Favorite Reads of 2016

I read a total of 85 books in 2016 and while this number is well below what I've been able to get through in previous years the list is filled with quality books I've discovered throughout my 2016 reading journey. 

Some highlights include the Hesperian Trilogy by Alan Smale, the first book in the series, Clash of Eagles, was published in 2015 and had been sitting on my review shelf for a while (shout out to Titan books for the review copy) but when I finally got around to reading it I was blown away and quickly bought the second, Eagle in Exile (pub 2016). The trilogy concludes with Eagle and Empire due to be published in March 2017 and I can't wait! This is the first 'best of' list that I've put together which features two books by the same author in the same series.  

Another highlight of 2016 was the discovery of the Chinese sci-fi trilogy Remembrance of the Earth's Past by Liu Cixin, and in particular, book 2 The Dark Forest. While book 1, The Three-Body Problem, which I also read in 2016 was good and introduced some inventive concepts The Dark Forest was simply mind blowing. I've got Death's End, the last book in the trilogy sitting in my tbr and aim to read it in early 2017. 

2016 also saw the return of some favorite series in The Cartel by Don Winslow (Power of the Dog) and The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly (Jack West Jr.). I rated both of these near the top of the heap. 

Another first of for my 'best of' list for 2016 is a novelization, The Nice Guys by Charles Ardai, this is one of those rare instances where the reverse adaptation outshines the original - but only just as the movie was great too.

Here is my top reads of 2016 (includes any books read throughout the course of the year, not just those published in 2016):

1. The Cartel by Don Winslow (crime)

2. The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu (sci-fi)

3. The Four Legendary Kingdoms by Matthew Reilly (adventure)

4. The Scarlet Flush by Carter Brown (pulp)

5. Eagle in Exile by Alan Smale (alt history)

6. The Mad Sculptor by Harold Schechter (non-fiction)

7. World Gone By by Dennis Lehane (crime)

8. The Hit by Nadia Dalbuono (crime)

9. The Nice Guys by Charles Ardai (crime) 

10. Clash of Eagles by Alan Smale (alt history)

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  1. The Cartel looks good. Almost all new to me but I love crime/thriller reads. Happy New Year