Monday, February 13, 2017

Review: SAVAGE LANE by Jason Starr

Publisher No Exit Press
Length 317 pages
Format paperback
Published 2015
Series Standalone
My Copy I bought it

My Review
Jason Starr gets inside the crawl space of the minds of his characters in similar fashion to suburban noir authors James M Cain and Megan Abbott as he weaves a seductively good tale infused with satire, secrets, and murder. 

The suburbs are a breeding ground for gossip, and it's this gossip that leads to a very public accusation of murder and a fallout which destroys long time friends and rocks a family to it's everyday middle class core. 

Karen is the girl next door - the middle aged mom version that is, while Mark is the love struck boy - circa middle-aged family man. Mark's wife, Deb, knows something is going on between Karen and Mark. The subtle flirting, the texting, the whispered conversations and morning jogs together. She can see her husband drifting off to the arms of another woman. She is certain of this. So much so that confronts Mark about and then Karen - causing a stir and creating a scene which changes their lives forever. 

Sounds like a midday-made-for-TV-movie doesn't it? Think again. Jason Starr has a knack for writing troubled characters who succumb to an all too easy darker persona while making said dark persona shine with normalcy. The blue collar noir of Jason Starr's earlier novels rears it's head in the mean streets of suburbia and the end result is a topsy turvey thriller sure to please.

4 / 5 stars. 

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