Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: STAY by Victor Gischler

Publisher Thomas Dunne Books
Length 295 pages
Format hardcover
Published 2015
Series standalone
My Copy borrowed form the library

My Review
Former military solo ops specialist turned househusband goes on the offensive when his wife's life is threatened at her work in an incident that left a coworker hospitalized and a star witness dead. For Assistant DA, Amy Sparrow, the loss of the witness is in some way worse than the threat to her own life. Her case against notorious criminal Dante Payne now in tatters needs something dramatic to turn the tide; David, having been on the sidelines on indefinite leave for too long has a mission other than keeping house - track down Payne and kill him before he strikes at Amy again.  

Stay has all the hallmarks of a popular action thriller easily transferable to the big screen. The linear plot is accompanied by some cleverly inserted throwbacks to David's special ops missions - one in particular linking to the present day story line. The action is constant and well paced. 

While David, himself is a likable character, the one-man-army aspect did grow tiresome at times with the constant fighting, killing, and winning battle after battle feeling more and more unbelievable. Payne and his highly qualified goons end up resembling little more than red shirts (those generic typecast goons written into stories to serve as cannon fodder) falling victim all too easily to David's far superior skills.  

Stay is a departure from the other books Victor Gischler has published but is still an enjoyable easy to read thriller. 

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