Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Re-read: TWISTED CITY by Jason Starr

Publisher No Exit Press
Length 319 pages
Format mass market paperback
Published 2004
Series standalone
My Copy I bought it

My Review
Jason Starr is perhaps the best writer of modern white collar noir I've come across. His stories are laced with an undercurrent of vehemence that steams from normalcy ever so delicately nurtured to noir. TWISTED CITY (published 2004) is everything I'd come to expect from a Jason Starr and then some. Early on Starr plants the seeds that something is a little off about the character lead in David Miller, a journalist for a financial magazine who is still mourning the death of his sister some time ago.

This dark and almost obsessive compulsion to seek his sister in the eyes of his prospective partners or casual hook-ups is creepy and, well, twisted (hence the title) yet the reader can go along with it - clearly Miller is a victim of long lasting grief bordering depression. Scratch the surface and it goes much deeper.

As with any good book, there are multiple plot threads interlocked with one another that drives the narrative. In TWISTED CITY David Miller is the center of a murder investigation, and victim of blackmail while being stuck in a seemingly abusive relationship with a highly unstable young woman - naturally things don't end all that well for David.

I first read this book in 2014 and loved rereading it; the characters still read fresh and the accidental murders still have the same impact as the first time around. 

TWISTED CITY is a fun, easy read that offers everything you'd expect from a Jason Starr book; dark humor, easy violence, smooth storytelling, and messed up characters. 

4 / 5 stars. 

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