Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: RAIN DOGS by Adrian McKinty

Publisher Blackstone Audio
Length 10hrs 22mins
Format audiobook
Published 2016
Series Sean Duffy #5
My Copy I bought it

My Review
Gun Street Girl was my favorite Sean Duffy book (#4 in the series) so naturally I was interested to see how the next installment held up, and, true to form, Rain Dogs is a great follow-up (or listen, thanks to Gerard Doyle).

Rain Dogs is the perfect, though more complex take on the popular locked-room mystery sub crime genre. A female reporter is found dead of a supposed suicide in the courtyard of Carrickfergus Castle, having jumped from atop the castle. However, once Duffy, Lawson, and Crabby investigate, suspicion soon turns to the more sinister theory; murder. Her shoes are on the wrong foot, she has a well known fear of heights, and she had head injury not sustained from the fall. As with many of the cases Duffy investigates, leads take him abroad and have his theories tested rightly and wrongly. Crossing international borders adds a political element that give the case a deeper and more complex feel as Duff and co wade their way through bureaucracy hurdles and withheld evidence. 

One of the staples of the Sean Duffy series is the broader side of the key characters away from the core plot. Rain Dogs, whilst centered around the death of a young female reporter is just as much about Duff himself; his latest failed relationship, his encounter with Muhammad Ali in the early pages of the book, and his ever growing bond with his fellow police. Lawson's, the 'up and comer' added page time is a bonus, with his general naivety and police smarts on display. 

I really enjoyed Rain Dogs, this series feels like it's going from strength to strength. The latest book, Police at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly has recently been made available on Audible and I'm looking forward to finding out what author Adrian McKinity has to throw at Duffy in the latest go-round. 

5 / 5 stars.