Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bookish Thoughts: Why I Like To Reread

Despite having some 144 books sitting in my tbr shelves (number according to books I'm yet to read on Goodreads, I'm sure that number is actually higher, gulp) I like to go back to books I've previously read for many reasons;
  • to have that 'feel good read' feeling after reading a particularly dull book, or
  • in readiness for the next book in a series, or
  • to see if the book still has the same impact (or non-impact as it were) as it did in years gone by
Surprisingly some of my recent rereads have changed the way I feel about them, in two cases in particular - completely. Why is this? 

For one, I think generally enjoying a book comes from the point in time you're actually reading it. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is an excellent example of this; years ago I couldn't stomach the book and gave it a dnf, fast forward a couple years later to 2014 and I gave it 5 stars. The same can be said for The Devil, book 8 in the Jack Taylor series by Ken Bruen. I really disliked the direction this book took, moving away from the noir soaked PI themed story into the semi-supernatural when I first read it in 2011, yet when I read it again as part of rereading the entire series I actually liked the added element - go figure. 

Timing makes a big difference, be it the maturity of the reader, exposure to broader sub genres, or the willingness to embrace something different, there are a myriad of ways a book you hated came become loved and vice versa. Of course there are some books which will always be favs and those that just suck, even after going back in hopes of having them connect with you the second time round. 

Here are my 4 (out of the 48 books I've read so far) rereads of 2017 with more to come I'm sure: 

1st read: 2011, rating 2.5 stars // 2nd read: 2017, 4.5 stars

1st read: 2014, rating 5 stars // 2nd read: 2017, 4 stars

1st read: 2009, rating 2 stars // 2nd read: 2017, 2 stars

1st read: 2011, rating 5 stars // 2nd read: 2017, 5 stars

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