Friday, April 21, 2017

Review: DARK REVELATIONS by Anthony E. Zuilker & Duane Swierczynski

Publisher Penguin
Length 340 pages
Format paperback
Published 2011
Series Level 26 #3
My Copy I bought it

My Review
With each book in the Level 26 series since Dark Origins (#1), the polish seems to wear off. Each subsequent installment feels more rushed and less plausible than it's predecessor. In Dark Revelations, series protagonist Steve Dark, famous for his uncanny ability to hunt down the worlds worst serial killers and bring them to justice or wipe them off the face of the earth somehow manages to piece together answers to each twisted puzzle seemingly out of thin air and has his new team (the cheesy-named Global Alliance) traversing the globe to thwart the killers evil plan. There's no depth to the storytelling with a mere glossing over of detail and little more than a passing thought given to character development. The book reads like it was made for a high octane crime episode of some sort rather than a novel.

I didn't watch all the cut scenes online but those I did, particularly the last one, added something a little extra to the story - which was much needed.     

Whilst I like to look for the positives in books I read, aside from a couple of interesting characters who read like cardboard cutouts with potential, there was little to keep me interested other than finding out Labyrinth's identity, which in the end, too, felt kinda cheesy.  

If you've read Dark Origins and Dark Prophecy chances are you're going to want to give this one a shot, having read it, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. 

Dark Revelations is an average read at best. 2/5 stars. 

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