Saturday, June 17, 2017

Review: SAVAGE by B. Clay Moore

Publisher Valiant
Length 128 pages
Format trade
Published 2017
Series Savage (collects issues #1-4)
My Copy I bought it

My Review
Savage takes readers of Valiant comics back to the Far, Far Away in a new story that brings back fond memories for long time readers of a certain dinosaur hunter called Turok. That said, dinosaur hunting aside, Savage is its own book and is no way related to Turok - in fact, Savage provides the third largest shared comic book superhero universe with a whole new corner to tell stories - linked and alongside the broader continuity. 

Savage Volume 1 is more than an origin story. It's a new direction for a little known and less explored corner of the Valiant universe; the Far, Far Away, and the world of dinosaur hunting. While that brief description might in itself not seem all that interesting, the publisher has a way of getting the right creative team on the right book, which results in intelligent, far-fetched yet 'real readable' stories. This could be a world outside your window book such is the ease of plausibility in the way Savage is written. 

The Sauvage family, minus a son and daughter left home, crash land on a remote and isolated island. Before too the family realize they are not alone and that things on this strange picturesque piece of paradise aren't what they seem. 

The action is plentiful, complimented by some great visuals courtesy of Clayton Henry and Lewis Larosa (Larosa's work is simply mind blowing) which really captures the dangerous day to day struggle a young Savage endures. There's also a healthy dose of mystery; things that don't add up - like why is there a tribe of humans on the island and how did they form given their immediate distrust of strangers, how does this link in with the broader Valiant universe, and what is going to happen after that last page (spoiler not included).

There's so much potential for this character, I just hope we don't have to wait too long to see where the story goes. 

My rating: 3/5

My rationale: I would've loved to have given this book 5 and it could've been but it was a super quick read that didn't have a lot of depth, sure the story ticked along nicely but if it were an issue two or longer, the extra padding would've bumped up the rating. Still enjoyed it very much and highly recommend it. 

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