Saturday, June 10, 2017

Review: THE SPIDER AND THE FLY by Claudia Rowe

Publisher Allen & Unwin
Length 273 pages
Format softcover
Published 2017
Series standalone
My Copy I bought it

My Review
I've read true crime books that stray into the world of the author themselves, often detracting from the primary course of the narrative to resemble self centered memoirs rather than the content promised in the blurb. The Spider and the Fly bucks this trend; it's a book about a serial killer AND a journalist whose steady infatuation is as addictive to read as the heinous plight undertaken Kendall Francois. 

A killing spree spanning some four years and change in which 8 Poughkeepsie prostitutes were raped and murdered, for reasons withheld by the murderer provide a glimpse into the macabre madness that rots the heart of the books subject matter. The content is confronting, and disturbing to the uninitiated and the uninhabited alike, I suspect. The depiction of the final resting place of Kendall's victims, his family home (which he shared with a his mother and sister) is the stuff nightmares are made of; walls alive with maggots, a stench of actual death, and an uneasy ignorance by inhabitants that's hard to digest. As the book progresses from investigative journalism to something more I kept hoping to find reason, perhaps it's there, perhaps there is no method to the madness - do yourself a favor and read the book to find out. 

My rating: 5/5

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